Product ID: GK2073

Telco Ratchet Cable Cutter

 Line of cable cutting tools designed to cut cables ranging in sizes from small O.D. to 2 inches in diameter. The cutters are made by hardened carbon steel and manufactured with precise CNC grinding machine cutting edges for clean and undistorted cuts. Furthermore, we also offered a cable tie installation tool which speeds up cable installation time. This tool is designed to ensure correct tension and provides automatic cut-off the cable ties.

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  • Telco ratcheting cable cutter up to 2,700 pair.
  • High-leverage boot increases cutting power on tough jobs, quick release mechanisms simplifies blade back-out.
  • Handles lock together to simplify pouch storage and comfort grips.
  • Special hardened steel blades for longer life, Unique 5-tooth ratchet design ensures a non-slip cut.