Product ID: GK2029C

Multi Gauge Precision Wire Stripper

 It ranges from handy adjustable to self-adjusting designs for a wide range of cable sizes that provide accurate strips for wires ranging from 10 AWG to 30 AWG. These strippers are quality built and featured carbon steel finished with black oxide to prevent rust. Also features a convenient table printed on the handle to convert AWG to millimeters.

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  • Hardened carbon steel with black oxide finish. Pivot joints have hardened steel bushing. Soften anti-slip cushioned grips. Precise CNC ground fabricated blades for consistent stripping and cutting.
  • Special jaws for stripping, cutting, wire, crimping in tight work areas. Carbon steel, finished with black oxide process to prevent rust. AWG / Mm convertible makes the user more convenient. Models to strip from 10 ~ 30 AWG stranded wire accurately and easily without operator fatigue.


Item No. Cut Range
GK2029C-1 10-20 AWG
GK2029C-2 10-22 AWG
GK2029C-3 16-26 AWG
GK2029C-4 20-30 AWG