Product ID: GK2070

Multi-Function Telephone Tool

Multi-function telephone tool crimps, cuts and strips for easy on-the-job tool application. The steel frame are top quality of middle carbon steel from Japan, heat-treat by HRC45 for dependable long life, and tinted in order to make the products brighter in the procedure of our production. Some model has ratchet construction. Provides easier and faster operation.

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  • Crimp tool for RJ-22 (4 positions) & RJ-11 (6 positions) & RJ-45 (8 positions) modular plugs.
  • Crimping stripping & cutting in one.
  • Made by fine blanking press.
  • U.S. PAT. NO. 4981032.
  • TAIWAN PAT. NO. 4981032.

Item No. Description
GK2070A RJ-11 (6 positions) & RJ-45 (8 positions)
GK2070B RJ-22 (4 positions) & RJ-11 (6 positions)
GK2070C RJ-22 (4 positions) & RJ-11 DEC (6 positions)
GK2070D RJ-11 DEC (6 positions) & RJ-45 (8 positions)
GK2070E RJ-11 (6 positions) & RJ-11 DEC (6 positions)
GK2070F T+T89 & RJ-11 (6 positions)
GK2070G RJ-22 (4 positions) & RJ-45 (8 positions)